HLR Pictures


The world from above

A unique point of view of awe-inspiring scope

Extreme photos
Aerial views
Sky views
Immortalised flights
Planes in action


Rescue missions

Historic events


Right in the action


When Fashion becomes Art...

From London to Singapore, we never miss any of the top fashion shows

All over Europe
From Dior to Gucci
Famous or unknown artists
Backstage to scene


From fashion to family
From births to weddings
From families to pets


Virtual visits

From one-bed flats to 100-table restaurants, we’ll be here to showcase your location from every angle

Bars and pubs
Public places


Panoramic view
360° view
Indoor and outdoor


Promote your business

With more than 15 years of experience in the photography industry, we can improve all aspects of your business

Reports and presentations
Marketing support
Showcase products


Souvenirs of events
Professional shots
School, team or group

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